Seoul International Visitors Centre

Seoul International Visitors Centre is an organisation which provides tourist information for English speaking visitors to Seoul, South Korea.

You can view the live site here.

Technologies used

  • Slick—Provides slideshow functionality
  • Fallback.js—Allows for redundancy in loading resources, including JS and CSS libraries
  • Jekyll—Static HTML generator, provides templating features


Seoul International Visitors Centre wanted to reduce in-person inquiries, as over the past year inquiries have grown by 150%. Their desired solution was to provide information about common inquired topics on a new website.

Tourist locations and Travel pages of the Seoul International Visitors Centre website, featuring on-page navigation.

Seoul International also required new branding to coincide with this new launch, with colours inspired from the blue and red of their national flag.

They also requested the implementation of a slideshow on the home page, in which they could promote the sights of Seoul.

Seoul International Visitors Centre Homepage on a Macbook Pro. There is an image slideshow of various locations in Seoul.

Lastly, they required the presence of their social media platforms on the website, along with methods to contact them, both online and offline.

The contact page of Seoul International Vistors Centre, with a form and buttons to access their Facebook and Twitter social media integration.

You can check out the site, available here.