Bobbleshop is an online business, focused on designing and delivery of custom Bobblehead designs.

View the site here, and the code here.

01 Homepage fs8
Desktop view of the Bobbleshop landing page, with a slideshow and animated canvas banner. Below those include a section for featured figurines and recent news

The site is fully responsive, thanks to Bootstrap, enabling customers to access and interact with the website in all major form factors.

Desktop and tablet view of the figuring list and individual product view
Users can browse through figurines and collections, and order them online

I used CodeIgniter (a PHP framework) to develop the backend application, and MySQL to handle database operations. The database schema was designed to allow entry and display of figurines. The data it accepts included:

  • Name
  • Franchise
  • Description
  • Image

The customer inquiry form used this info to provide options on which body to base the custom design from.

A requirement of the project was that logged in users should have their details automatically entered into the site forms. To that end, I built a user system allowing registration, editing, and deletion of accounts.

Later in the project, I integrated an e-commerce system, which meant adding new fields for price and available stock. I additionally developed a system to process user carts and orders.

A forum was also developed to provide feedback and communication between users and the business. Multiple boards can be created with their own threads.

Forum view of Bobbleshop site, depicting how it displays in different viewports

You can view the live site here, and the code here.