Australian Design Architects

Australian Design Architects is an organisation of multi-award winning architects based out of Sydney, Australia.

You can view the site live here.


  • Flexbox Grid—Quick, responsive CSS grids using Flexbox
  • Flexibility—Polyfill JavaScript fallback to provide Flexbox support for Internet Explorer
  • Jekyll—Static site generator for templating HTML
  • Gulp—JavaScript automation toolkit for running tasks, including SCSS compilation, processing images and JS assets, and live reloading during development


ADA were after a site and brand redesign in order to showcase their work, express their commitment to environmental awareness, and promote their awards, to attract new clients.

Fully loaded ADA Home and Design Process pages

The site was designed for visitors on various devices, and operates on desktop, tablet, and mobile viewports.

The ADA homepage loaded on a Macbook and an iPhone.

ADA’s About page loaded on an iPad

You can view the site live here.