I use cookies for the purpose of gathering analytics about visitors to this website, using Matomo, an open source analytics platform which is run on the same infrastructure as this website.

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Data that gets recorded

Matomo can gather a range of data about you when you visit. Specifically, this includes:

  • IP Address—Anonymised to 2 bytes (e.g.
  • Information about your browser (including plugins) and the device you're visiting on, and screen resolution
  • How many times you have visited
  • How long you have visited this website
  • Actions that you take on the website, including which pages you visit and external links when leaving the website
  • The manner in which you entered the website (such as directly entering the URL, or visiting from a search engine like Google)

Do Not Track

If you have enabled Do Not Track in your browser, Matomo will not record any data about you. If you do not disclose your preference, or have disabled it, Matomo will record data about your visits.

You can opt out in the form at the top of the page.


If you choose to share an article on social media platforms like Facebook, or Twitter, data may be recorded by those platforms subject to their privacy policies.