March 2021 design iteration of my site

I’ve been documenting the current website codebase to understand it better. Guess that’s what happens when you pick up a system that you can easily start with, and get to learn over time as you need it.

I’m trying to structure this documentation off the Documentation System by Divio, which breaks the act of documenting down into 4 distinct sections: tutorials, how-to guides, references, and explanations. I might go further into this in a future blog post, so keep an eye out for that.

From the changes which are visible, I’ve made changes to the design which increases the width of the content section, provided your monitor reports at least 1920px width, which makes it better to view at higher resolutions. It was getting just a bit too narrow on my ultrawide monitor.

Secondly, you might have noticed at the end of articles that there’s a new footer at the bottom of each blog article. That will let you navigate to the next or previous article by chronological order. There’s also a section for comments, so readers can leave comments and questions, and I can respond to those without having to make a new post.

Lastly, I’ve made the link to the RSS feed a lot more visible, both in the main navigation and the footer component. There’s a bit of a small revolution in terms of how people ingest content and the mechanisms to do so, but RSS is pretty reliable. There’s plenty of programs/services that you can use, so I won’t detail them here, but if you find yourself reading a lot of articles online, it’s definitely a plus.


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